[Sports Nutrition Lounge] Probiotics & Performance



  • Exercise and gut health have a symbiotic relationship. Regular exercise can positively influence the composition and diversity of our gut microbiota, while a healthy gut supports improved exercise performance and recovery.

  • Probiotics have been linked to a decrease in upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), improvement in the immune system and reduced gastrointestinal disturbances. This means more consistent training and, indirectly, better sports performance.

  • When considering probiotic supplementation, it's essential to choose the right strains, dosage and duration for your specific sport and individual needs.

  • For optimal results, aim for a single-strain probiotic with a dosage of at least 30 x 10^9 CFU, and continue supplementation for up to three months.

  • While probiotics show promise, current scientific literature doesn't provide definitive evidence that probiotic supplementation improves athletic performance in both athletes and untrained individuals. More research is needed!

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